Door Closers

3101 Series

Gainsborough 3100 Series Hydraulic Door Closer. Compact design with minimal projection, for internal or external doors. Standard backcheck with regular and parallel arm installation and power adjustment.

Product Information

Regular Arm Installation
(Bracket supplied as standard)

Parallel Arm Installation
(Bracket supplied as standard)

Drop Bracket Installation on Frame
(Bracket supplied as standard)

Standard Slide Arm Installation

Jamb Slide Arm Installation

Adjustable Arm & Bracket

For jamb installation (timber or metal).
Closing power adjustment bracket.
30mm maximum (positioning of arm) adjustment (STD installation).
Parallel arm installation, bracket supplied as standard.

Latching Speed Adjustment Valve

Captive latching speed valve for fine tuning of latch closing speed. Independent of closing speed.
Latching range 0°-15°.

Closing Speed Adjustment Valve

Captive closing speed valve for adjustment of door closing speed fast-slow.
Closing range 15°-180°.

Metal Cover Plate

3100 Series supplied with slide cover as standard. Optional full metal cover can be supplied if required.

Delayed Action Valve

Holds door in open position for a number of seconds before closing starts. Adjustable 1-20 seconds.

Backcheck Valve

Adjustable backcheck captive valve for cushioning effect upon opening of door.
Standard on whole range of 3100 Series.
Backcheck range 70°-180°.

Power Adjustment Screw

Captive screw for adjustment for increasing (clockwise) and decreasing (anti-clockwise turn), of closing power (not speed) of the unit.
Closing power 2-4.

Mechanism & Case

Rack and pinion hydraulic controlled piston, power adjustable (2-4), high purity aluminium body.
Reversible for left or right-handed doors.
Backcheck standard in all 3100 Series.
Approved on fire door assemblies in accordance with Aust. Std. AS1905.1.2005 – Fire Resistant Doorsets.
Spindle Cap supplied to cover spindle exposed to view, colour complementing closer body, arm and dress plate.


Standard installation.
Parallel arm installation.
Slide Arm Installation.
Drop plate installation


3101 – Regular/Parallel Arm
3101A – Aliminium Parallel Fix Closer

Hold Open

3100HO – Regular Arm Hold Open

Slide Arm

3101SR – Slide Arm


3101/PABI – Parallel Arm Bracket
3101/DP – Drop Plate
3101/SA – Slide Arm Assembly
3101PAB2 – Offset Parallel Arm Bracket Silver
3101/HO – Hold Open Arm Assembly


Supplied standard in silver finish unless otherwise shown.
Other finishes available on request.

Limiting Dimensions

3101 Limiting Dimensions


A. Adjustable Arm & Bracket  
B. Latching Speed Valve  
C. Closing Speed Valve  
D. Backcheck Valve
E. Power Adjustment Screw  
F. Mechanism and Case  
G. Spindle Cap
H. Delayed Action Valve


Cover Plate to suit 3100 Series Door Closers

Flat Adjustable Arm Assembly

Parallel Arm Bracket

Parallel Arm Bracket #2 Offset

Slide Arm & Channel w. / Ajustable Hold Open

Slide Arm SS & Channel SN. w. / Ajustable Hold Open

Slide Arm PS & Channel PN. w. / Ajustable Hold Open

Hold Open Arm Assembly

Drop Plate to Suit 3101


5 year limited tarnish resistant and 10 year limited mechanical

Gainsborough Hardware Industries Limited guarantees to repair or replace this product if within five (5) years from the proven date of purchase it tarnishes, discolours or corrodes; or if within ten (10) years from the proven date of purchase any mechanical defects occur. Applies only when properly installed and subjected to no more than fair wear and tear. This guarantee does not extend to labour costs, personal loss, death or injury, or economic, consequential or property damage of any kind whatsoever.

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