Cylinder Mortice Locks

3000 Series

Gainsborough’s range of Heavy Duty Mortice Locks and Latches have been designed and manufactured in Australia, providing security, aesthetics and reliability specifically for the commercial/ residential market. Featuring a wide variety of locking and latching functions in a totally different body design, Gainsborough can meet with the most stringent of security solutions in the Australian market.

Product Information


All Gainsborough 2000 and 3000 Series Mortice Locks and Latches have unique design concepts to meet with the reliability and durability needs required by Australian Standards.

The Gainsborough 2000 and 3000 Series are available featuring the cylinder below the lever or knob in the functions of nightlatch, vestibule and combination locks and latches. 1000 Series Deadlock and Sliding Door Deadlocks are also available (refer 1000 Series for deadlock and sliding door deadlock functions.)


Commercial applications where heavy duty locks or latches are required to meet varying standards of durability and security needs.
Residential applications including: apartment entries, homes, unit entries.


Standard backset
- 60mm (3000 Series)
- 23mm (2000 Series)

Lock Case

Zinc alloy case with Nickel Plate finish for corrosion resistance.

Lock Case Dimensions

3000 Series functions – 3400, 3500, 3600, & 3900 (refer to detail under each function).

Door range

Suits 32mm to 48mm

- Standard timber doors (1000, 3000 Series)
- Refer dimensions for aluminum doors (2000 Series)
- For thicker doors refer to factory prior to ordering


Latchbolts are 14mm. Sintered stainless steel for latching type locks and latches and feature an auxiliary bolt which deadlatches the main latchbolt upon closing of the door.
Latchbolt and auxiliary deadlatch bolt can be reversed easily for doors opening in or out.

Door Clearance

To maintain lock security and facilitate correct latch retraction, clearance between door and frame should be 2.5mm-4mm.
The Gainsborough 2000 & 3000 Series has positive deadlatching up to 10mm.

Furniture Fixing

Through fixing of rose furniture and cylinder escutcheons is at 41mm centres horizontally.
Long plate furniture for both 2000 and 3000 Series locking latches and latches is available.
The pull handle kits cat # 9648PHSET370, 9613PHSET370 and 9963PHSET370 can also be supplied to suit the Gainsborough 3000 Series mortice lock.
Other pull handles are optional.


Multi-function is achieved by simply sliding a switch on either side of the lock case, thus changing the lock from combination function (both lever/knobs locked on outside and inside of case) to vestibule function (one lever/knob locked with the other lever/knob operable at all times, normally for egress.)
Lock case does not need to be disassembled to achieve either of the above functions.

Rebate Kits

Rebate kits are available for double doors to suit 13mm rebate meeting stiles, finishes as per listed.
Catalogue No. 3000/REBLB

Electric Strikes

The Gainsborough 1000,2000 & 3000 Series Mortice Lock suits the Gainsborough ES1000SS Electric Strike and is compatible with most other electric strikes available.

The ES1000 Electric Strikes are available in un-monitored and monitored 12 volt or 24 volt DC for use on aluminum or timber frames.

Power to lock (fail safe) or power to open (fail secure), can be changed on site by simply changing position of a screw.


Cylinders are oval type used in Australian mortice locks and can be interchanged with other specially keyed cylinders.
Cylinders can be supplied with or without the lock. Gainsborough C4/6 pin standard profile and straight six restricted profile are available to match other Gainsborough products.
Unlike other Australian type mortice locks, the Gainsborough 2000 and 3000 Series range of locking latches feature the cylinder below the handle/knob for ease of operation and convenience.

Fire Doors

Gainsborough 3000 Series Mortice Locks have been successfully tested to Australian Standard AS1905.1.2005 Fire Resistant Doorsets.

3000 Series Mortice Lock Selection Chart

Outside of door is on left hand side of illustration – All locks are reversible, for example LH or RH, except where ‘handed’ is designated.
Note: Up to 4 hour fire-rating on Cylinder Mortice Locks.


Universal Strike

20mm Universal Strike with Anti Rattle Nib

Extended Strikes

36mm Extended Strike; 40mm Extended Strike

Strike Box

Strike Box

Cylinder Retainers

Cylinder Retainer U Pin to suit 2000 Double Cylinders; Cylinder Retainer Pin to suit 3000 Cylinders


To suit 2000 & 3000 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks

Faceplates to suit 3000 Series

Deadlatch Faceplate; Passage Faceplate

Faceplates to suit 2000 Series

Deadlatch Faceplate; Deadlatch Faceplate - for timber doors; Passage Faceplate

Accessory Packs

Accessory Pack to suit 2000 Series; Accessory Pack to suit 3000 Series

Oval Cylinders

Oval Cylinder C Cam; Oval Cylinder K Cam; Oval Cylinder V Cam; Oval Cylinder J Cam; Oval Cylinder H Cam - Cylinder with Hold Back Cam

Cylinder Cams

Retracts Latch; Retracts Latch & Locks/Unlocks; Locks/Unlocks Hubs; Locks/Unlocks Hubs via Adaptor; Hold Back Cam

TurnButton Adaptors

For use with J Cam; For use with C Cam; For use with V Cam; For use with K Cam

Selection Chart

3000 Series Function Selection Charts

Outside of door is on left hand side of illustration – All locks are reversible, for example LH or RH, except where ‘handed’ is designated.

3400 Series

3500 Series

3600 Series

3900 Series

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