Cylinder Mortice Locks

1000 Series

This range of Heavy Duty Mortice Locks and accessories has been designed specifically for the commercial and residential building industry. A variety of Deadlock and Sliding Deadlock functions are available to suit commercial door specifications. This series is compatible with Gainsborough’s turnbutton and key escutcheon door furniture accessories.


Sliding Door Lock Strike

Deadbolt Rebate Kit

Deadbolt Rebate Kit with 30mm lip

Oval Cylinders

Oval Cylinder D Cam; Oval Cylinder W Cam; Oval Cylinder with turn; Oval Extended Cylinder, 45mm

Rim Cylinder

Rim Cylinder

Cylinder Cams

D Cylinder Cam; W Cylinder Cam

TurnButton Adaptors

C Turn Adaptor

Electric Strikes

Electric Strike 12 Volt, Non Monitored*; Electric Strike 24 Volt, Non Monitored*; Electric Strike 12 Volt, Monitored*; Electric Strike 24 Volt, Monitored*; Faceplate to suit Timber Application; Lip Extension Bracket

Product Information


• Durable stainless steel bolt housing
• Interchangeable with other Australian Manufactured lock cases


For use on commercial and institutional doors where heavy duty mortice locks are required.

Door Range

32mm to 50mm Standard.
For thicker doors- refer sales


60mm standard.


Gainsborough 1000 Series features standard brass cylinder with 6 pin tumbler and C4 keyway. A Restricted Profile is available upon request and each cylinder is provided with 2 keys, brass as standard and nickel silver where Restricted Profile is supplied.


Deadbolt and Sliding Door Lock
Supplied with 140mm x 28mm strike box for maximum security.


Deadbolt and Sliding Door Lock
Supplied with deadlocking deadbolts for maximum security, bolts manufactured from Stainless Steel.

Door Gaps

The door gap between the faceplate and the strike plate should not be less than 2.5mm and not greater than 4.0mm to maintain correct lock security and retraction of bolt.

Lock Case

Gainsborough 1000 Series Mortice Locks are manufactured from zinc alloy with lock hubs and bolts fabricated from grade 304 stainless steel. Faceplates and strike plates are fabricated from grade 304 stainless steel.

Rebate Kits

Deadbolts may be converted to rebated locks using 1000/REBDB (deadbolt) rebate kits designed for use with 13mm rebated doors.

Selection Chart

1000 Series Function Selection Charts

Outside of door is on left hand side of illustration – All locks suit left or right-handed doors.

1700 Series


1800 Series

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