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3900 Series Mortice Nightlatches

Deadlatching Nightlatch featuring a latchbolt which is retracted by a series of cylinders and/or turnbuttons. No handle mechanism. Each latching function is deadlatched by an auxiliary bolt on closure of door.

  • Primary Lock
  • Nightlatch
  • Communicating Nightlatch
  • Exit Nightlatch


When ordering, add the relevant finish code to form complete catalogue number. List escutcheons and turnbuttons separately.


14mm Sintered Stainless Steel

Backsets Available



Cylinders are oval type used in Australian mortice locks and can be interchanged with other specially keyed cylinders. Cylinders can be supplied with or without the lock. Gainsborough C4/6 pin standard profile or straight six restricted profile are available to match other Gainsborough products. Unlike other Australian type mortice locks, the Gainsborough 2000 & 3000 Series range of locking latches feature the cylinder below the handle/knob for ease of operation and convenience.


Primary Lock

3900* - Lock Case & Accessories   PB PS SS 


Key retracts latch from outside.
Auxiliary bolt deadlatches when door is closed.

39CA - Cylinder & Turn Adaptor   PB PS SS 

39CO - Cylinder Outside   PB PS SS 

39OC - Cylinder Inside   PB PS SS 

Communicating Nightlatch

Key retracts latch from both sides.
Auxiliary bolt deadlatches when door is closed.
Non handed.

39CC - Double Cylinders   PB PS SS 

Exit Nightlatch

Turnbutton retracts latch from inside.
Auxiliary bolt deadlatches when door is closed.

39OA - Turn Adaptor Inside   PB PS SS 

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