2000-2200 Series

2000 Mortice Lock22mm Bolt Projection2000 Series Mortice Deadlock - Short ThrowCylinder and Turnbutton

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2000 Series Mortice Deadlock - Short Throw

Featuring a pivoting deadbolt action, this narrow stile deadlock is designed for hinged and a selection of sliding door applications. The deadlock has a 22mm deadbolt projection and a positive deadlocking action.

  • Cylinder and Turnbutton
  • Double Cylinder
  • Single Cylinder
  • Single Turnbutton


Clear Anodised


22mm projection

Special Keying

Each locking function can be specially keyed in a Gainsborough 6 pin tumbler system to meet the needs of commercial or residential building requirements. Locks can be keyed alike, master keyed, grand master keyed, maison keyed and project keyed.


Cylinder and Turnbutton

Key outside locks and unlocks.
Turnbutton inside locks and unlocks.
Non handed.

Double Cylinder

Key either side locks and unlocks.
Non handed.

Single Cylinder

Cylinder can be installed either side.
Key locks and unlock.
Non handed.

Single Turnbutton

Turnbutton can be installed either side.
Turnbutton locks and unlocks.
Non handed.

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