A Commitment To The Environment

Gainsborough Hardware Industries Limited is committed to protecting the environment and has an impressive record of waste minimalisation and environmental sustainability.

Gainsborough's environmental initiatives and achievements include the following:
  • Water recycling in our plating department to reduce water usage;
  • The gold cyanide plating process was replaced by an electrophoretic deposition process, resulting in reduced hard waste and water usage.
  • Gainsborough has also installed the more environmentally friendly Trivalent chrome plating process, which is less toxic and reduces hard waste and water usage.
  • Recycling of zinc, brass and clay off-cuts occurs in production operations.
  • Cardboard cartons and paper waste products are re-used, where possible, in our distribution centres in order to conserve paper and cardboard usage.
  • Office paper is shredded and used for packing in the warehouse to also conserve paper.
  • Factory outputs are managed to E.P.A standards and regularly monitored.
  • Solid production wastes are disposed of via licensed contractors.
  • Gainsborough was awarded a Certificate of Recognition in 2007 by the EPA Victoria and project partners for demonstrated commitment to improved resource efficiency and environmental performance through participation in the Resource Efficiency in Metal Finishing Programme.
  • Gainsborough was awarded a Certificate of Recognition in 2008 by the EPA Victoria, for demonstrated commitment to resource efficiency by participating in EPA's partnership program with Yarra Valley Water and Melbourne Water.

Water usage has been reduced by 55% in core production activities over the past three years.

Over the past year, solid waste has been reduced by 22%, with further waste minimisation initiatives to be implemented in the latter part of 2009.

Gainsborough is proud of the above environmental activities and achievements and will continue to monitor its performance in these areas to ensure future improvements.

As a further commitment to the environment, Gainsborough is also proud to be a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant. This involves the development of a 5 year plan which comprises these key objectives:
  • To reduce packaging and waste materials;
  • To investigate the potential to reduce the use on non-recyclable materials in the packaging;
  • To maximise the use of recycled content in packaging;
  • To provide information on packaging, where relevant, to encourage recycling by the end user.

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